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The Publicity And Seo Value Of Effective Pr

You should not just cloak them with keywords or optimize them. Your link needs to be obvious and self explanatory, making use of a click here to show that you are placing value on the user experience and not just the link. Identifying Goals Online PR should be considered a means to an end, meaning you need to seek out the appropriate publicity so as to be able to get the right coverage to support a business strategic objectives. Your goals could include things like attracting funding or investments for a business, maximizing the number of downloads on a website or mobile app, generating x number of leads, or building a brand making the most of expert content. Brand Messaging And Positioning To make a PR campaign truly effective, you need to ensure consistency in your messaging. Your messaging should relay what your business stands for and how it is positioned in your market. Is your business targeting upper, middle or higher income earners? Moz.com offers the following advice for the online PR sequence: Once the goals are determined and the target markets are identified, then the PR team can determine the positioning (how will you brand the company/individual/product/content to the target markets) and messaging (what text, images, and more will you use to communicate the positioning). Creating Media Lists Your next step is to identify all the media your target audiences read, watch or listen to. To create a really useful media list, you should include: - the publications that are being read by your target prospects - the writers, journalists and editors most likely to be interested in your pitches - media and writers that are active on social media networks. - online publications with high domain authority. Writing And Pitching Press Releases Once all the research and groundwork have been done you can start writing and pitching your press releases. You should use your discretion when it comes to deciding whether it is best to re-use and resend the same press release to your target media, or whether to rewrite it differently to suit the different media and readerships. Learning About Twitter For Help With Pitches A lot of media professionals, including writers, journalists and editors use Twitter regularly and when you use it correctly, it can be a very effective tool for pitching your press releases to the media. Why?
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