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How To Start A Seo Business

How to Start a SEO Business image how to start seo business In fact, I would billing will to bet its now a World Dream, not just an American dream. Thats where you come in. 90% of these websites are not properly optimized, and therefore are performing very poorly in search engines. Launching a SEO business is great idea, because so far. SEO and other digital marketing services are recession proof. In fact, many SEO companies had some of their best years during the recession. Ive got a few years under my belt in the SEO world and now I want to share with you the key things you need to do in order to launch a successful SEO business. Its actually more simple than you think, as long as you know SEO. However, this post assumes youre an expert at SEO. But just in case youre not, stop reading this post or find a partner who is awesome at SEO. The below is a checklist of things you need to do in order to launch your SEO business, broken up into a few sections. Setting Up Your Company: File as an S Corp, not an LLC. (Youll save about 10% in taxes per year) Create a business bank account Make a SEO Contract. You can download a FREE SEO contract template here. Create a Website (see below) Set up a phone (Google Voice and Magic Jack will save you big money!) Select monthly reporting software ( Raven Tools is great) Signup for elance (great for finding contractors) Setup credit card processor (Your bank, PayPal, Freshbooks) Pick a good accounting business software ( Less Accounting is awesome!) Develop a process for you services Setup phone tracking ( Ifbyphone works great!) Website and Marketing Setup: Buy a domain name (Try Godaddy) Setup a account Setup your website (Use a WordPress Theme at Themeforest.net ) Setup your email Choose website auditing software(Try MySiteAuditor ) Make sure you have a web page that offers FREE SEO WEBSITE AUDITS (MySiteAuditor is great for that!) Setup Google Analytics (so you can view your clients analytics) Setup a your SEO blog (Blog SEO Tips Daily!) This will get you business! Create a Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube account (no one wants to talk about SEO on Facebook) Download this checklist pdf by clicking here See!
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