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8 Creative Ways To Generate Seo Leads For Your Seo Business

Pistorius trial I have found success focusing on businesses who are currently buying Adwords or offering local deals on Groupon. There is a Groupon API to get all deals for a location - immediately identifying local leads. There is a manual process to retrieve the contact info, however, tools like Buzzstream or Rapportive help tremendously with this process. 5. Demonstrate your authority through helpful infographics Infographics bring traffic like clockwork, said Jordhy Ledesma, founder and Online Producer at Information Providers . A solid infographic distribution strategy includes placing your art in free infographic sites and getting links from bloggers that want to use your content in various formats. First, prepare a list of key bloggers in your industry to share your content with. By the way, having a list of key go-to bloggers is as crucial as having a dependable mail list, these can be industry bloggers as well as casual bloggers with a significant audience, focus on relevance but don't limit yourself, exposure is also key. After you have compiled a list of bloggers and distribution sites we are ready to move on. Second, split the infographic into slides and craft a presentation out of the same content, posting it to a couple of document sharing sites (maybe Slideshare.net and Scribd for example). Use your targeted keywords and links when uploading the presentation. Finally, promote your info-graphic and presentation with links to your website by sharing it in free infographic distribution sites. Google free infographics and submit your creation to the top 10 distribution sites, that is all you need. P.S. - Dont forget to include a link to your site and relevant keywords with each submission. 6. Sponsor local events A creative way I generate qualified leads, said Matt Watson of Adjunct SEM , is via sponsorship of events geared toward the parents of middle and high school activities such as sports and academic endeavors. One recent example was being a sponsor of a best ball golf tournament geared toward fundraising. I handed out business cards and developed a landing page with a strong call to action specifically targeting small to medium business owners whose children were either a part of the school or they were participating in the golf tournament to show support for someone's child. The qualification of the lead occurred within the copy on the landing page. The money and time invested were quickly returned along with numerous other referrals from satisfied new clients. 7. Market through Yellow Pages directories One of the most creative ways to generate leads for my online marketing company, said Christal Mckinney-DeLoach of The Media Hog , is through the Yellow Pages directories. The reason is because these businesses believe in advertising. It is also a good resource because these advertisers are some of the slowest to switch over to digital advertising/marketing. I love using this method because many other SEO companies are too busy scraping other online sources for leads. 8.
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