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Google Penalty Recovery

Penalty Recovery As a result of these changes some website owners have seen their rankings in Google disappear completely, others have seen particular phrases affected and nearly everyone has seen a change to their results for the core keywords they want to rank for. Google Panda Recovery Google Panda was the first of the most recent big updates from Google. Originally launched in early 2011, this update is generally now reapplied about once a month. Panda is aimed at stamping down on websites which offer low or poor quality to visitors. For example, sites which have been hit include article directories, which consist of mainly duplicated, poor quality content pieces or scraped content, and sites which had a layout that presented more adverts and images at the top of the page, pushing the content further down so you couldnt see it when first loading a page. These page layout elements were initially introduced before Panda but now form part of the overall Panda updates. Panda is not technically a penalty, as its an algorithm update but many sites did see a drop in rankings following this update. Google Penguin Recovery Google Penguin was introduced in spring 2012. This algorithm update is again run as a separate process by Google and mainly targets sites with poor quality links both internally and externally. Link Schemes were specifically mentioned by Google as part of this update. Additionally Penguin targets websites which violate Googles webmaster Guidelines and contain things like overuse of keywords (keyword stuffing) and cloaking. The site architecture and internal navigation can also be counted as part of this, as over-linking to content can be seen as trying to manipulate Google into seeing the content as important or relevant to a keyword in an unnatural way. Again Penguin isnt a penalty but many sites with lower quality links from historic SEO work suffered a drop in rankings following the different iterations of the update going live. Exact Match Domains (EMD) Penalty Recovery This updated was launched in September 2012 and targeted websites which had created URLs specifically targeted at getting rankings for a keyword, rather than using the name of a business. So for example the domain www.searchengineoptimisation.co.uk is potentially hit by this update but not www.verticalleap.co.uk. Unnatural Links Warnings (Manual Penalty) Similar to Penguin in that its connected to links, many website owners found that they were contacted with an Unnatural Links Warning from Google Webmaster Tools. Again this means Google thinks that some links to a website are potentially harmful or manipulative and that a penalty might ensue. If you have noticed that you have had a drop in rankings which has impacted how much traffic your business receives, then it might be that one of the above penalties has hit your website. How Vertical Leap can help with Google Penalty Recovery If you think your site has been hit by a penalty, Vertical Leap can help you review your rankings and recover. There are a lot of scare mongers out there, who could prompt a sense of panic if a penalty is detected. At Vertical Leap, we know how important your rankings are to your business and pair this with a calm and analytical process to review and repair any penalty issues on your website. As part of our SEO strategy for you, our team of experienced Campaign Delivery Managers will perform a full review of the situation for your website and deliver recommendations based on what penalty or algorithmic impact, if any, they believe your website has received. They will then draw up a full plan of how this will be recovered for example, by removing old spammy links if there is a manual links warning or Penguin issue on the site, or putting in place a full content review to help with on-page issues relating to the Panda Update. Once this plan is complete, we will work with you on the recovery of your rankings and ongoing SEO to help regain lost rankings, traffic and sales. Whilst this work is being carried out our work on your ongoing data driven optimisation and improvements to help increase the visibility of your site in conjunction with the penalty recovery work. If you are worried about a penalty and would like one of our SEO team to perform a health check on your website, please contact us today. Budget Estimator
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