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Matt Cutts? The Man, The Mystery, The Legend At Pubcon Las Vegas

Matt Cutts? The Man, The Mystery, The Legend at Pubcon Las Vegas image Zac Johnson Matt Cutts Love him or hate him you cant ignore Matt Cutts. While Ive been in the industry for 17 years, this was the first time I made the trip to Pubcon and also the first time I got to personally meet with Matt Cutts. One of the interesting things in this industry is the way that people act in person and how they come across in real life. I have to say that Matt is a real down-to-earth guy. He took the time (well over an hour) to stand around after his keynote and just talk with anyone who was interested in asking him questions and just sharing some thoughts. It was also quite amazing how so many people were telling him about emails they sent him, and he actually remembered and could reference those emails back to them! All in all, Matt Cutts left a great first impression on me,and I appreciate the time he took to meet with everyone. When someone has the power and celebrity that Matt Cutts does, it would be easy for him to blow everyone off, but he did the complete opposite and was a real class act! Matt Cutts... The Man, The Mystery, The Legend at Pubcon Las Vegas Matt Cutts Live at #Pubcon While I didnt have a chance to live blog the keynote, my good friend John Rampton did, and his full article is published over at SearchEngineJournal for those who are interested. In addition to coverage at SEJ, the following articles also did a nice job on recapping what Matt Cutts had to say at Pubcon. As a blog that focuses on online reputation management, we thought it would be best to focus on what Matt had to say that relates to SEO and increasing search rankings. As pointed out by SEJ, Matt Cutts had the following to say about NEGATIVE SEO: Weve built the algorithm such that ONE person couldnt torpedo a site There are so many people thinking about negative SEO and their competitors are going after them. We put up disavow tool for you. You should be able to disavow on a site level as well. This is very minimal and doesnt happen that well. With Google Webmaster Tools, you can get up to 100k links that your site has and get rid of whichever ones you dont like or think are negative to you. You can sort by most recent. Do it! In regard to Hummingbird, Matt said If youre a resource, keep becoming a bigger authority, but I want to note that you should take this same advice and apply it to any and all of your existing sites and businesses. Build a brand that people trust and want to get info from. Once this practice is put into place, it doesnt matter where you rank in Google people will find you! Lots of ORM Agencies at Pubcon One of the most surprising things to me about Pubcon was the amount of online reputation management companies there were in attendance. Not only were there a lot of these ORM services in attendance, but many of them are using old methods that no longer work as well.
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